Crunchy Nacho Crescent Dogs | 25 Hot Dogs That Went Above And Beyond

We use turkey and chicken! Crunchy Nacho Crescent Dogs - Wrap a hot dog and a piece of American cheese inside a piece of crescent roll dough. Now roll them in crushed tortilla chips, bake, and congratulate yourself on being a genius.

Pizza muffins!

Finger Food Pizza Muffins - They’re like bite size pizzas baked into muffin pan. We had them for dinner with a side salad but I’d recommend them for appetizers too. (Savory Muffin For Toddlers)

Broccolipølsehorn og boller...

broccolipølsehorn og boller... (Stefanies univers)

// Sounds like a yummi alternative to the traditional pølsehorn.

frokostbrød med grøntsager

Hvem siger at det ikke er kreativt at lave mad og bage brød?