Cilantro-and-Lime Marinated Chicken Fajita Kebabs

Cilantro-and-Lime Marinated Chicken Fajita Kebabs

Marinated Chicken Fajita Kabob’s Marinade olive oil fresh lime juice chili powder cumin garlic powder dried oregano salt pepper red pepper flakes

Pasta salad with grilled veggies and italian turkey sausage

Hot off the Grill: Healthy Recipes for a Summer Barbecue

Pasta Salad with Grilled Veggies and Italian Turkey Sausage. No sausage but grilled veggies and pasta!

Raw Zucchini Pesto

:O Raw Zucchini Pesto. This sounds delicious, and this spread is gorgeous!

New salad ideas for summer.

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Quinoa Salad

Pin for Later: Your Ultimate Guide to Easy, Portable Recipes Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Quinoa Salad Get the recipe: choose-your-own-adventure quinoa salad.

Quesadillas with Feta, Hummus and Avocado #healthy #recipe #avocado

Quesadillas mit Feta, Hummus und Avocado

Avocado &Feta Quesadilla (english recipe on the bottom of the page)

Frk. Kræsen: Salte mandler for dummies!

Saltede mandler

Kræsen: Salte mandler for dummies!

Smoothie Pops Kids are sure to love these smoothies-on-a-stick! Just blend, pour in paper cups with a popsicle stick, and freeze for creamy, icy goodness.

Smoothie Pops

Smoothie Pops cup nonfat vanilla yogurt cup skim milk 1 cup frozen berries 3 paper cups 3 ice-pop sticks Preparation Blend yogurt, skim milk and frozen berries until smooth. Pour into paper cups with ice-pop sticks. Freeze until solid.