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Music Games | Music Class Ideas

Ping-Pong Rhythms is another game that a small group of students can play. While others work with the teacher on instruments or on a s.

classroom Noise-o-meter

My teacher uses a Noise Meter similar to this one. The Noise Meter is a cool way to remind students the correct noise level that they should be using! You just use the paper clip and move it to the appropriate noise level the students should be using.

3rd Grade Thoughts: Management Monday: Classroom Voice Levels teacher-stuff

This voice levels poster is used in most preschools during my placesment, I think it is an effective way for teachers to control the voices in the kinder. Child also remember the colors and related voice levels that they should use inside and outside.

Early Elementary Counseling Tool: What are Things I Can & Can't Control

Teaching kids how to identify what they can & can't control // Kids Learning Activity // What are Things I Can & Can't Control: Anxiety & Anger Counseling

Calm down checklist...hmmm...do you think it is for the students or the teachers?! Ha!

Calm down checklist. Show students how to stay calm when upset. This checklist is designed to be used with the Calm Down Digital Social Book.

Social Stories

These activities are designed to be used with younger students when helping them to solve problems they may be having with others by using the words "Stop it, I don't like it". Social stories are a fantastic way to teach appropriate behaviours to your