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The smartest way to tote an in-progress knit or crochet project. #etsyfinds #etsy

Knitting bag, Project bag, Striped pouch, Wristlet

A project bag to put on your wrist...It makes your projects portable so you can knit anywhere, at the bus stop, in a waiting room and obviously at home. This bag makes it easy to knit without your ball of yarn going everywhere. It acts like a bowl of yarn, but in a "to go" way.This pouch is reversible, railroad style cotton on one side and natural cotton on the other. It has a leather tag on the side.You can use it for whatever project you like, knitting, crochet, embroidery, you could put…

100+ Crochet Stitch Symbols

100+ Crochet Stitch Symbols - Design Peak

Learning the basics of crochet is pivotal for your farther development. If you want to become a profound crafts specialist and create some of the most beautiful crochet items you can find online, than you should definitely work on your basics game. Today I am willing to share with you one of the most important crochet guidelines you are going to come across period. You are going to look at the symbols of 130 basic crochet stitches. Along with the symbols you are going to look at the photos…

Refashioning a too-big and baggy pair of pants into skinny jeans | Diary of a MadMama

49-Cent Friday: Refashioning Baggy Pants Into Skinny Jeans

Hey everyone!I hope you all are having a fantastic week!For this week’s refashion I wanted to show you how I easily turned a pair of too-big and baggy pants into some nicely-fitted, skinny je…

DIY monkey tricks « monsterscircus monsterscircus

DIY monkey knot tricks - monsterscircus

Make a monkey knot to shorten your cords, full tutorial on this string pendant. Vejledning til hvordan du afkorter dine ledninger uden at gøre det permanent.

Well, this just opened up a whole world of patterns I can access now! No more restricting myself to English and Japanese patterns! :D

Crochet terms in US, UK, German and Danish

Translations of American crochet terms to UK, German and Danish in an easy readable chart. Crochet symbols and abbreviations in all languages.

Sit & Stitch Pincushion pattern booklet by Cindy Taylor Oates, $

Sit & Stitch Pincushion pattern booklet by Cindy Taylor Oates

sewing pattern for a sit and stitch sewing cushion and organizer

Crochet Abbreviations Chart and what stitches they are.

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