МУЖСКИЕ ТАПОЧКИ DIY Sturdy Crochet Slipper Boots Free Pattern from SMP Craft. I really like the look of these slippers because they are unisex and don’t look like thick socks. There is one question about 1 row in the.

3DC in each hole, then single crochet to get the shape you want. Felt for the sole should do.

Crochet Slippers-Amazing DIY Ideas DIY Crafts Rachel I want a pair for christmas!

Cozy slipper boots. Free pattern

Cozy Crocheted Slipper Boots, Free Pattern I want these but I don't know how to crochet. Who knows how and can either teach me or make me a pair?

Such a simple photo, yet exudes a great sense of chilling dreariness. The contrast is so simple, between the dark trees and the empty snow, but it speaks volumes to the environment they stand in. GREAT PHOTO.

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filihunkat: DIY, hækling

Link to Danish crochet pattern for star. Not too difficult to decipher

Opskrift på hæklet elefant!

Opskrift på hæklet elefant! (Lityfa)

Ravelry: Hæklet elefant pattern by Lityfa (translator) and Chisachi Kushima

Hjemmehæklet thehætte - med thermofoer

Hjemmehæklet thehætte - med thermofoer