Pesto Soslu Ekmek

I would even eat these for breakfast instead of cinnamon rolls! Basil pesto bread - press out crescent roll dough, spread pesto, roll up into a log, slice. Place in a pie plate like cinnamon rolls. Serve with marinara for an easy appetizer.

Jalapeño Popper & Corn Swirls

Easy Jalapeño Cream Cheese Puff Pastry Roll-ups

Jalapeño Popper Corn Swirls in Puff Pastry _ There’s something about the combination of spicy-hot jalapeño peppers, cheddar cheese & cream cheese that I can’t get enough of!

Claus Meyers store gulerodsbrud

Gulerodsbrud (Carrot-buns) from Claus Meyer. My dad has made these quite a lot, and I absolutely love them.

Gulerodsboller lavet på havregrød. Ingredienser: 2 dl. grovvalsede havregryn, 4 dl. vand (kogt), 50 g smør, 3,5 dl. koldt vand, 50 g gær, 3 tsk. salt, 2 spsk. sukker, 400 g revet gulerod, ca. 900-1000 g hvedemel, ½ ps. cheddar ost (lille pose) – kan undlades..

Gulerodsboller – Lavet på havregrød (brug olie i stedet for smør!


Carrot and Sunflower Bread - Gulerodsbrud recipe in Danish with a translator button

Opskrift: Flad mave-brød

Oppskrift på brød utan mjøl, lågkarbo (i form: Flat mage-brød)

Havregrynskiks - opskrift


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Krydderboller -

Krydderboller - lækkert til søndags-brunch