Per Glad Fuglsbjerg

Per Glad Fuglsbjerg

Per Glad Fuglsbjerg
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Here's an almost complete guide about mixing vocals. Learn everything you need to know about getting your vocals to sit well in a mix, learn how professional.

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Eq tips: What to cut and boost and why.

Equalizer Terms and Tips: helpful reference, including table & graphic summaries of the general effects of boosting or cutting at various frequencies when equalizing several commonly used instruments.

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EQ Tips & Tricks

FabFilter Pro-Q EQ Tips Tricks - he does a great job at explaining frequency interactions between instruments in a mix and how to find the sweet spots and overlaps. Useful tips that can be applied to other EQ plugins as well.

Compression tips

The term “knee” refers to the way the compression curve bends at the threshold point when represented. This curve shows hard-knee compression.