drivhus_heidi06.jpg (475×475)

Av gamla fönster skapade norska Heidi sitt drömväxthus i vintage-stil.

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More DeliSious: En tur på genbrugspladsen blev til et drivhus

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Cacoon hanging tree-house by Hang-in-out, inspired by the weaver bird’s hanging nest. The coolest hanging small tent for grown-ups and a fantastic place for kids. Images © Hang-in-out Cacoon hanging treehouse is your swing chair,

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The HemLoft Treehouse (Whistler, Canada) After retiring at the age of software developer Joel Allen became a carpenter and fulfilled his dream of “building something cool”. Kind of an understatement

540_293_resize_20130601_4371f1d6b3b0505228ce52bd648abaa8_jpg.jpg (259×195)

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant by New Zealand based Pacific Environments Architects Ltd. (PEL) Read more: New Zealand& Whimsical Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

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drivhus003.jpg (540×405)

drivhus-skibby-v-frederikssund-1396803006.jpg (800×450)

Rådvadcentret — Center for Bygningbevaring, ved alt om vinduer…

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treehouse masters Tree + House = Pete Nelson, The Treehouse Guy. Very interesting, Pete.

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Our dream is to have a yard large enough to have a greenhouse. I this this one made from old windows and doors.