Have a gallery exhibition displays. Like the wood floors with brick and sepia tones--good aesthetic for the bakery

Conal Deeney - layered frames

This is an art installation, but a trip to the thrift store for frames, a ball of twine, and some pages pulled from an art book and you've DIY 'd this!Why not use family pictures for an unusual photo display


Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good ole days. Grandpa, take me back to yesterday, where the line between right and wrong didn't seem so hazy. - “Grandpa” - Wynonna (The Judds)

masks by BertJan Pot

Rope masks

Dutch designer Bertjan Pot accidentally stumbled upon the concept of these rope masks when he was trying to sew a carpet out of standard rope.

susanna bauer leaves

These stunning little pieces are the work of Cornwall based artist Susanna Bauer, and yes, I am now planning to spend my weekend looking for leaves, and rocks, and sticks.

Innovative Textiles by Bori Kovács

Innovative Textiles by Bori Kovács (Eclectic Trends)

Innovative Textiles Design with experimental white textures inspired by nature // Bori Kovács

huge empty frame to rein in inspiration wall. via alvhem makleri

Idea for kids room.huge empty frame to create an inspiration wall. via alvhem makleri

Letter from Alfred Joseph Frueh to Giuliette Fanciulli, 1913 Jan. 10.

Could have a letter/leaflet to take away that represents the stall at the fair [Letter from Alfred Joseph Frueh to Giuliette Fanciulli, 1913 Jan.

Hi-Fructose Volume 34 Preview! | Hi-Fructose Magazine / Get started on liberating your interior design at Decoraid (decoraid.com)

Our volume of Hi-Fructose kicks off 2015 with a bang. We start off with the carpet sculptures of Faig Ahmed, then present the paintings of Joanne Nam, then delve into the public stick sculptur…

PERMANENT COMPRESSION : Nadine Goepfert — Textile & Design

Nadine Geopfert is a Berlin-based textile designer whose work focuses on the materiality and structure of textiles. Her Permanent Compression.

christien meindertsma

Christien Meindertsma's book celebrates the creations of Rotterdam resident Loes Veenstra, who has knitted more than 500 jumpers since