LUTTER IDYL Crochet Pillows with harlequin | Hæklede puder med Harlekin i bobler

The pattern is crochet, and in Danish- but perhaps it could be done in knit bobbles instead? Ravelry: Puder med Harlekintern pattern by Jeanette Bøgelund Bentzen

Grosgrain: Celtic Knot Pillow DIY

Inspiration: How cool is this "Not Knot Turk's Head Pillow" ! Easy to knit or crochet a very long tube and stuff with polyfil, form the Celtic knot, fasten and you're done.for me, if someone wanted to make it for me lol

Place de Bleu — Star Cushion

In a sea of fashion and furniture chains paying lip service to sustainability and social responsibility, there are a select few taking responsible priciples to heart, and Danish label Place de Bleu is leading the pack.