This week my twitter has been on fire with screen shots of men in kilts doing yoga, which isn't a bad thing if I'm honest. Watch the video now.

Why Men in Kilts Doing Yoga Has Gone Viral

por @tongomes auf Instagram: „RENAN SEVERO @renanseverom para (link na bio) Fotografia/styling @tongomes Texto @felipemiyasaka“

por @tongomes auf Instagram: „RENAN SEVERO @renanseverom para (link na bio) Fotografia/styling @tongomes Texto @felipemiyasaka“

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Century Kilts - "Bravehearts in Kilts Against Trouser Tyranny: Why men should be free to wear kilts and other kilt-like clothing." - An interesting perspective related to our cultural biases toward men in kilts [vs. men in trousers], etc.

GRANDSON OF QUEEN VICTORIA and ALBERT.  Prince Arthur 2nd Duke of Connaught,  Son of Prince Arthur, 1st Duke of Connaught.

Grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Prince Arthur Duke of Connaught son of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught

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Blåkläder - Craftsman Kilt

OK - this is one hell of a cargo skirt. Where has this been all my life?

Nicolson Tweed Kilt Hire Outfit This stylish outfit is proving to be very popular and not just for weddings. The outfit consists of: Nicolson Tweed Jacket & Waistcoat

OMFG!!! I bow down to the genius of the photoshop fairy who did this. YOU MADE MY YEAR!!! #MeninKilts #KILT!LOCK

holmesianpose: “therealmartinsgrrrl: “holmesianpose: “deduce-my-heart: “cutteroo: “Anyone want a really badly photoshopped pic of John Watson in a kilt? deduce-my-heart ? ” I’M SQUEALING.