Free Seamless Notebook Paper Textures - from Fuzzimo

Free Seamless Textures – Notebook Papers - from Fuzzimo. Thinking I may use these for new templates in UPad.

How To Make Modern Brush Lettering and Edit in Photoshop |

How to Make Modern Brush Lettering

How to Make Modern Brush Lettering then Clean up Your Lettering in Photoshop. The Modern Brush Lettering Trend Rocks. Here& How to Make Your Own Lettering!

Simple DIY Planter Hangers by beautiful girl

DIY Spoon Planter Hangers: A fun DIY project for your backyard! Recycle these jars and old spoons to make these gorgeous hanging planters> They look so perfect in your front porch or backyard! - My Garden Window

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Mother’s Day Gifts By Angie Holden .Handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mom.