18 Rules for Using Text - If your document has text in it, follow the rules. You’ll start to see a world of difference in your professional documents, whether they be formal reports, brochures, or even your personal résumé. These rules for using text apply across the board.

The type of text you have can make or break any design. These are need to know rules for applying text. From formal to personal all details matter, and with these rules you can put the final touches on your design.


For Harrison-ADHD strategies.wish I had known this 10 years ago when we found out the boy has ADHD!---Great tips! I am glad more and more people recognize this isn't a behavior problem or a bad parenting issue.

The Composition Hierarchy More

The Composition Hierarchy (One other rule I try to live by is to preserve some white space of the paper, canvas, fabric, whatever, even if only a tiny area.

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