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Susanne Nielsen

Susanne Nielsen
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Newspaper Star Wreath.

Wired Star Garland or Wreath - wire is sandwiched between old book pages or sheet music that have been cut into star shapes. Simply glue the paper together, with the wire in the middle, then add glitter - via Sa Vitt Jag Vet

How to make Oil Paint

Sinopia Pigments Oil Paint Recipe - Making oil paint is a much easier process than most people imagine. If you already have basic tools such as a palette knife, some linseed oil and a clean flat surface: you can experiment by making small batches o

15 Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing...

Familiar scents could help us feel at home. If you have a favourite candle scent, adding it to your new house can really help it become more inviting. This could also take away the smell of newly painted walls and a new apartment that you’re not used to!

How to make ochre paint. An easy method for making paint from natural pigments. Art meets geology meets history!

How to make ochre paint. Natural pigments, how do we find colours in nature, ATSI Traditional ways of making paint. Can link in to other cultural traditional forms of pigment making depending upon the class make up