Josefine Holst

Josefine Holst

Josefine Holst
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Beautiful. Expect to see a beautiful beany in our collection very soon. SO EXCITED

black skinny jeans/pants or black tattered and torn skinny jeans, dark red and grey winter pom pom beanie, "honor over glory" baseball style long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt with dark red sleeves and white body, and black converse tennies.

Save your wine corks for making creative giant letters as party or home decor. #PANDORAloves #DIY

Love this DIY idea- make a monogram out of wine corks! Great for pictures and to have in your house after the wedding! Save all the corks from the wine people drink at your wedding.

Link now goes to My and My DIY which orginated this tutorial.

Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs. Recycling CD's and DVD's isn't easy. This diy birdbath is a great idea for a weekend upcycling project.