Fanney Sigurdardottir

Fanney Sigurdardottir

Fanney Sigurdardottir
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Old canning jars, medical gauze, googly eyes, a little modge-podge and a tealight: voila! Mummy candles for Halloween! Could use any jars after washing. Better start saving those jars.


Come find us over on Party Delights for some fun fun fun Halloween Tin Can bowling. We had Great fun making this set of ghoulish (or maybe just a little bit cute? Tin Can characters! I love this project, as it takes your old “tin can”, that you were

Tetris fridge magnets perler beads by pkmnmastertash

Tetris fridge magnets perler beads by pkmnmastertash--Taking 1 block and gluing it onto post earrings would look cool!