Definitely...and hate when we come to the conclusion that we HAVE to say something...even though rejection is inevitable... ~Samm

The Best Zodiac Facts

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The Best Zodiac Facts

Zodiac City Earth signs Taurus Virgo and Capricorn Astrology,inspire me,Taurus,Things That Make Me Smile :),

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The Best Zodiac Facts

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FAQ: What are the specific birthstones for Libra ? – LIbra Birthstone are pink opal and lapis lazuli.

Zodiac City Things a Capricorn might say. "But let me explain this to you" makes me think of my husband <3

The Best Zodiac Facts

Would you say anything of these things Capricorn? Chances are the one thing you WOULD say for sure is, "I don't have time to waste, I got things to do"! LOL do you agree?

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Aries communicate through action, not through words. Aries hate being told what they already know, and rather go to the point that matters. Aries appreciate directness and honesty, and actually cares about seeing people happy - For more zodiac fun facts, click here.

Just people I know or hangout with but I wouldn't call a lot of them actual friends. just would use the term lightly to describe random people in my life pretty much. I could count on 1 hand the ones I'd actually consider friends.