"The images and stories from IF:Table gatherings across the country last month were beautiful. Deep conversations and authentic connections resulted in Jesus-centered community. While we continue to celebrate that gift,.

Free Women's Ministry Ideas and Planning Resources for local church women's groups by Julia Bettencourt. Fresh and Creative Ideas for Women's Ministry.

How to Get Women to Show Up

Is your women& ministry attendance suffering? Let& take a look at why women may not be coming to your events.

Daughters of the King paperback launch & giveaway

105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

105 Christian ladies Night Out Ideas - Perfect for Women's Ministry fellowships, MOPS, Sunday school classes, and Bible study groups. Ideas for Saturday brunch.

The 4 Pillars of Women's Ministry

We’re going deep today girls! Tackling one of the biggest questions we face as Women’s Ministry leaders. What is the role of the Women’s Ministry? Your church constitution or by-laws ma…

All Dolled Up! Lesson to go with Women's Ministry Doll Theme. I took various dolls and their personalities to come up with this. It's in a printable pdf file for you.

How to Host a Table Event - Includes décor ideas, planning timeline, and a detailed list of teams needed. Make sure your table event goes off without a hitch! From Women's Ministry Toolbox.

Hopefully one day Coffee/Tea Themed Ladies Meeting Fill My Cup Women's Ministry Theme - includes suggestions for bible verses, topics, devotions, etc.