vosgesparis: Inspiration for your home | Botanic prints for plant lovers

Focus on scandinavian design and ideas on decorating with these eucalyptus leaves - this perfect green-grey tone.

Mid-century modern mudroom #diy wall decals, plants and unique storage bins to stay organized

Modern Mudroom With Function

Lovely wallpaper and beautiful vintage furniture in our blogger Krickelins amazing home.

Inredningsmagi hos vår bloggare Krickelin

They gutted the whole thing and rebuilt it themselves, opening it up and truly brightening it. They added vibrant wallpaper by Justina Blakeney, installed a modern kitchen, and added a ton of plants in every nook.

A Recently Renovated, Jungle-Inspired Wine Country Home

The space was previously so drab. So stylish architects Austin and Alex gutted the whole thing and rebuilt it themselves.