Visiting teaching

I created this digital handout for our ward RS. Think outside the Visiting Teaching box!
RS Bookmark on Visiting Teaching well i guess they do ,i really wouldnt know i dont even know who mine is anymore.
The Unconventional Relief Society: 5 Weird Ways To Be A Better Visiting Teacher
A new month is here! This month, make Visiting Teaching a priority rather than waiting till the last minute.  Let SugarTotDesigns help with this month’s Visiting Teaching Message!

June Printable Visiting Teaching Message

July-2017- Visiting Teaching Handout
These Sweet women make a free printable for the visiting teaching message each month! So great & helpful to leave something with your sister after visiting with them!
DIY magnet to hold monthly visiting teaching message with free printables and instructions from Elaine's Sweet Life
This July 2017 Visiting Teaching Printable comes in two sizes and is the perfect printable handout for your friends and sisters!

This July 2017 Visiting Teaching Printable Handout

We don't "do" visiting teaching.....Noisy Pancakes: Thoughts on Visiting Teaching
Great visiting teaching handout if the person you visit doesn’t have time to meet, but you want to let them know that you care. Or if you have a friend who may need some extra help. Or if you know somebody who likes lollipops!
July 2017 Visiting teaching handout
Free Printable: Ideas for Service Bookmark

Free Printable: Ideas for Service Bookmark

...and Spiritually Speaking...great visit teaching and FHE lessons
One of the best talks I have heard on Visiting Teaching.  Bridgette Server rocked it!
July 2017 Visiting Teaching Message Relief Society Printable

July 2017 Visiting Teaching Message, Relief Society Printable, Instant Download, Message VT LDS handouts, hymn poster

SoulSavers- Visiting Teaching Interview Treat  wish i had seen this before our april interviews!