15 Fascinating World War II Vintage Ads & Posters (vintage advertisement posters) - ODDEE

15 Fascinating World War II Vintage Ads & Posters - vintage advertisement posters

Those American Housewives" ~ WWII newspaper article urging women to save waste fats to turn into gunpowder!

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Rowntrees Fruit Gums British Candy Metal Sign_D

Anyone who's ever been to the UK will be familiar with Rowntree's Fruit Gums! This Rowntree's Tin Sign brightens up a vintage kitchen.

classic advertising posters | WaltDisney vintage Awesome Vintage Advertising Posters Gallery

This is a vintage (or, at least, vintage-looking) Mickey Mouse poster. I picked this because I like the vintage style. The fonts are cool, and the distressed look works really well to establish a vintage feel.

Vintage Marmite Advertisment Advertising Poster

AD64 Vintage Marmite Advertisment Advertising Poster A3 17"x12" Re-print

Perrier Vintage Advertising Poster

This vertical french culinary / food poster features a green bottle next to a glass of water in front of horizontal blinds. The beautiful Vintage Poster Reproduction from our catalogue of 1400 classic posters. Perrier Pschitt by Villemot 1968 France

Vintage Advertising Posters | Washing Machines.  www.robertsharpassociates.com - Creative Solutions by Sharp Minds.

A Look Back: 15 Vintage Household Ads

We don't have to do this anymore :) → vintage whirlpool surgomatic washing machine ad.

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Monarch Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Metal Sign, French Vintage, Lovely Pinup, Grapes