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Divergent Veronica Roth Insurgent Tris Tobias Four

Divergent Veronica Roth Insurgent Tris Tobias Four. But Veronica has a point. She would have been in very big trouble by the whole fandom

need need need need. these are soo pretty. Four was such a beautiful book. and so were all of them

Another series of books I love are the dystopian sci-fi Divergent novels by author, Veronica Roth. Oh, and I absolutely love the book covers!

See the cover for Veronica Roth’s ‘Four: A Divergent Collection’ — EXCLUSIVE || Entertainment Weekly

See the cover for Veronica Roth's 'Four: A Divergent Collection' -- EXCLUSIVE

We can’t wait to revisit the Divergent story told from Four’s point of view! Watch the video courtesy of PopSugar and find out why Veronica Roth decided to write these four short stories! Fans of the Divergent series by … Read

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a note to authors: I hope that you can sleep at night, you crusher of little girls' dreams!

I read a bit... and it seems interesting. For all those people who cant live with the Allegiant ending!

Resurgent :Book 4- After Allegiant - Resurgent :Book 4- After Allegiant

Fan fiction,READ MY AWESOME BOOK!"Resurgent :Book After Allegiant" by - "Wanted to hear a book comes back from the dead thanks to Caleb making a revival serum. See wh…"

Divergent,Insurgent,Allegiant,Game of Thrones,The Hunger Games,Harry Potter,The Hobbit,EVERY FREAKING BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!

*starts sobbing* "Why? Why are they so cruel. Don't they think of the readers who fall in love with the characters."<<*everyone stares at uncle rick

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Divergent: Book Review

Divergent (Veronica Roth) - Not the hunger games but if you loved the hunger games you'll love this too! I'm still team Peeta but this is a close second to favorite dystopia novels. Also the only book where I've liked the movie better than the movie