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I want to read this to myself every morning: "Look at you. You're scared. Why are you so scared? Stop being paralyzed. Stop swallowing your words. Stop caring about what other people think.

Ohhh yes. This is the absolute truth as I know it, for I am the leaf. It's okay, well worth the wait.

i once had a leaf and it was a really big leaf and i liked it a lot so i put it in a big picture frame and kept it for like 4 years.

I am the designer of my own catastrophe                                                                                                                                                                                 More

25 Burdensome Baby Names for Boys

"I am the designer of my own life, of my catastrophe", she said, "not you". He gave her a smile. "Of course I am. I am your catastrophe"

5) I actually really love makeup, hair, and fashion. People are usually surprised when I tell them. I would be more dramatic about it if I was confident enough

GIRLBOSS VIBES: My mascara's too expensive to cry over stupid boys // via charlottewinslow