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Transformers Autobot Logo

Transform your room with this awesome Transformers Autobots logo poster! Optimus Prime will thank you for it :) Fully licensed.

Ratchet (who doesn’t know I’m standing in the doorway): MWAHAHAHAHAHA! BOW DOWN BEFORE THE MIGHTY WARLORD RATCHET! Me: Ratchet , you do know that your door is open and the whole ship just heard you say that? Ratchet: *bows down before me* Forgive me oh so amazing & forgiving femme warlord. Me : Fine only because you called me an amazing war goddess but I will not erase this from my mind, I’ll watch it every morning just so I can start the day on a good note. So I’ll just tell everyone that…

This us terrifying. looks like the Twins messed up and he's on the warpath now

His absolution is found at the end of his sword. #Transformers: The Last Knight is in theatres June 21.

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tf baymovie human by Autumn123Charlotte on DeviantArt

tf baymovie human by on DeviantArt<<<<Humanized Transformers too much cuteness I think I'm gonna blow up

Optimus Prime from Bayverse Transformers - tumblr edit

Optimus Prime, vc e uma lenda No filme transformers de 2007 vc tinha 27 anos…

Only TRUE Transformers fans will understand. They'll reciprocate, unless they're Allicons.

transformers " Bah weep granah weep nini bah" "It's the universal greeting!" Kup teaches Hot Rod the universal greeting!