TOM SELLECK photo 020 MAGNUM P.I. shirtless beefcake

Manliest Mustaches and Beards

Tom Selleck: His moustache is not just a moustache, it’s a face ornament. Magnum PI wouldn't have been the same without this iconic moustache.

Tom Selleck & Sam Elliott - These two cowboys are right behind John Wayne for greatest TV cowboys ever.

Tom Selleck sets the record straight about him and Indiana Jones

Magnum P. - The moustache. The Hawaiian shirts. The chest hair. That description could be none other than Tom Selleck playing Magnum P. (of course, minus the Hawaiian shirt that could also just be a description of Tom Selleck in the Selleck p

TV Hotties over 55 -- PHOTOS

Butch Tom Selleck - Frank Reagan - Blue Bloods - handsome as ever :) O & Happy Birthday!

Tom Selleck in the THEE only guy to EVER pull off chest hair and a mustache. Let that be a lesson boys - if you're not Tom Selleck, shave and wax.

Movember - Men with moustaches

Tom Selleck: Magnum, P.Quigley Down Under (Matthew Quigley).Three Men and a Baby & Three Men and a Little Lady (Peter Mitchell).The Rockford Files (Lance White).

The 35 Manliest Mustaches of All Time

Moustache 932 - Brown, Perfect for a range of characters for any fancy dress party such as Borat, Freddie Mercury or Magnum PI. This human hair moustache is easily applied using face glue.

Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursdays: Tom Selleck