i went to see him live with my aunt pam in Dothan . he is my fav comedian.

Tim Hawkins, one of the funniest Christian comedians ever, and a great guitar player and singer! Very talented man!

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27 Sure Signs You Grew Up Evangelical

Tim Hawkins how to raise your hands in worship. I totally go to a hand raising church.where a woman has only one hand up, fairly close to her body, with her fingers slightly splayed? "Get the goo off my hand"

tim hawkins funny quotes -  Ha it's like saying, ''Lord, bless this bullet to my foot!''

Tim Hawkins nails it the best."Lord bless the bag of Cheetos and this big gulp Dr Pepper. Lord change the molecular structure of this food.change the Cheeto into a carrot stick on the way down Lord!

Tim Hawkins - Pretty Pink Tractor - Official Music Video, it's hilarious

Tim Hawkins - Pretty Pink Tractor - Official Music Video, it's hilarious. A parody of "Dirt Road Anthem" and "Big Green Tractor", both by Jason Aldean.

#phelpsface phelps face meme is my fave

phelps face meme is my fave This actually happened to me once (or more than once)

This is the most funny thing I've ever heard!!!  Tim Hawkins My favorite Bible verse

Tim Hawkins 'My favorite Bible verse,' oh how I laughed and laughed! One of my favorite Christian comedians.(Whats Your Favorite Funny)