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How to Select, Apply, Create Texture, Paint and Correct Mistakes with Acrylic Texture Medium.

Here's how to create interesting texture using acrylic texture medium

A step-by-step demo showing how to create visually interesting texture in painting using acrylic texture medium or paste.: What is Texture Medium?

Impasto Sunflowers

Summer Yellows Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Jan Ironside

The use of thick paint to create such a texture is known as Impasto. Some artists use very little oil, others apply the paint directly out of the tube onto the canvas with palette knives.

“Sculpting with Paint” - Artist: Justin Gaffrey, who work exclusively with pure acrylic paints and using mostly the palette knife and his works utilize colors that are extraordinarily vibrant.

OJ ENVIRONMENT ARTIST BLOG: Blizzard Styled Texture Painting & Modular Building Exercise

After finishing the Axe and Shield project focus switched to creating modular building assets similar to that found in Blizzards World of.