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351 × 829 pixels More Notes: Body proportions/stature for Tarzan should be highlighted in what he wears.

Tarzan and Jane                                                       …


Tarzan and I've pinned this image before and likely will again. The way that Tarzan looks at Jane is one of the hottest things Disney has put in their movies.

A Lenda de Tarzan (2016) photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.

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Cool Digital Art by Daryl Mandryk-i love how every piece is the perfect amount of dramatic. And his take on Tarzan. :)

return of tarzan digital painting fan art illustration created by digital artist daryl mandrik

Tarzan- the most HILARIOUS saying ever!!!!! LOL

Just meeting him the first time she knew how to draw him perfectly<~~ Can we appreciate the older guy for just a minute! Lol I loved him!

Tarzan's Parents, the mother looks so much like Princess Anastasia from the 20th Fox Century movie.

Also: you're an idiot and a fool if you think for a second that these are also Anna and Elsa's parents, Rapunzel is not their cousin - ask her at Disneyland, AND that's not Ariel's ship!