Tall girl problems

Tall girl problems

Tall woman problem: being annoyed when another girl is taller than you because…

Someone from Holyport, England, GB posted a whisper in the group Tall girls and tall guys, which reads "Tall woman problem: being annoyed when another girl is taller than you because being tall is YOUR thing.

I've done this a few times. After the fourth time, I convinced myself that everyone in Hollywood is a shrunken version of my dream guy and have since moved on... :P

Tall Girl Problem hhahaha so true. I've done this a billion times. Joseph Gordon Levitt and I weren't meant to be. May I add that shawn mendes is score am I right!

I used hate going to the movies for this very reason. Thankfully most of the theaters I go to now have stadium seating.

Tall Girl Problem # 35 luckly for everyone else my teachers put me in the back:) lol

Yeah, I don't really want to be in the sky dome area of EVERY picture I am in for my ENTIRE life.

Tall Girl Problem Wearing an amazing outfit but nobody can see it in the picture because 'tall people stand n the back'

tall girl problem #15 And for the record, this is NOT a good pickup line...come to think of it, I don't think there is such a thing as a good pickup line. :)

Yeah o am, oh I didn't notice I have been tall all mi life here, like seriously I hate when people say that I'm tall like don't need to rub it in.

Dear short girls,  Stop taking all the tall guys.We need them more.  Sincerely, every tall girl

Someone from Pilaia posted a whisper, which reads "Dear short girls, Stop taking all the tall guys. Sincerely, every tall girl"

This happened to me throughout highschool. Even though I'm 5'8, I swear that those desks were for kindergarteners. They were way too small for any high school student to sit in comfortably.

I can't even cross my legs at school,because the desks are so short,my legs are too big. And then I see across the room that a girl is sitting with her legs crossed no problem and I just NO WHY I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THAT