Not sure what this says but I think it involves tequila...I'm in! Lol! …

Translation: when life gives you lemons, order some salt and tequila! More

"Nada es para siempre. El café se enfría, la gente se va, el tiempo pasa y las per son cambian".

nothing is forever. The coffee cools, the people leave, the time passes and the people change

this reminds me of a girl i met,I said there's a beautiful song w your name in it she said "OH I know! Que Sarah Que Sarah!" uh no hon, that song doesn't actually say your name. hahaha!

Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be.i am weepy my mother used to sing this song when i was a child she has since passed and i will never hear her sing this side of heaven…. but i still hear the music in my heart

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Translation: "Everything happens for a reason, yet that which doesn't happen, it's also for a reason.

El mundo cambia con tu ejemplo, no con tu opinión.

"El mundo cambia con tu ejemplo no con tu opinión" Paulo Coelho ''The world changes with your example not with your opinion'' -Paulo Coelho