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Snow Goose Totem

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snow goose  The hunting bald eagle circling above the marsh yesterday sent a flock of Snow Geese into the air.  Everyone was scared of that eagle!

Snow Goose (Chen caerulescens), I've mostly seen them at Bosque Del Apache NWR.

Snow Geese Blackwater Wildlife Refuge Cambridge,  MD 02 /22/2014

Snow Geese by Fred Roe - Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, Cambridge, MD - February 2014

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2014 Cancer New Moon

Proper Snow Goose Hunting Gear Can Make or Break Your Next Trip

It's important to understand that succeeding at snow goose hunting is all about being prepared and a huge part of adequate preparedness is your choice in

Snow goose (Chen caerulescens)

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Snow Goose... The name is easy to rennet if you know their color

Snow Goose Chen Caerulescens Group Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Donald M. Jones