Screw 'Skinny Girl Problems'. Curvy girls have to deal with this way more. Everything nowadays is tailored for skinny girls.

'Skinny girl problems' This isn't just a small girls problem. I get this all the time and I'm a big girl. My small friends usually have little problem finding clothes that fit.

Being told that you need to eat something. | 17 Problems All Naturally Skinny People Will Understand

Being told that you need to eat something.

I'm not exactly tall for my age, but my legs are super long so this applies to jeans for me

I have medium breasts and a larger butt but I am super thin and have a small waist.

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Yea, fat chicks can get their feelers hurt and everyone can sympathize with that, but a skinny girl gets her feelings hurt and everyone acts like you deserve it.<- I didnt say this bus tru.

Haha. Haters gonna hate. Now make me a sandwich since you keep insisting that I eat one. <<<<< this persons comment though

I wish I could say this out loud. Especially to all of the people who think it's perfectly fine to make all sorts of rude comments about my weight! Why so much skinny hate? You wouldn't tell an overwei