Skates by Alan Berry Rhys, via Behance

If you will turn into a skateboarder, you should know different parts. It is necessary to understand what you would like to do as a skateboarder prior.

7ply Skate Art Exhibition by INVA , via Behance

This is a skateboard illustration by INVA. I really enjoy the playful style they use in the composition. It inspires me to want to come up with my own illustrative characters for my future skateboard designs.

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Laser Engraved Skate Decks by Magnetic Kitchen — Kickstarter // Look at Shakah Brah! I want it on a longboard.

Magnetic Kitchen is raising funds for Laser Engraved Skate Decks on Kickstarter! It's finally time for a fresh run of laser engraved skateboards. Designed and produced in-house at our shop in Brooklyn, NY.

Skate decks by jamiebrowneart #skateboard #blackandwhite

Perfect deck for my Gracias Skate Shop spitfire wheels I snagged while in San Juan.

Ladies or women figure skating painting "Lilac Dream" by Louka {Louise Chiasson}

Lady figure skating painting "Lilac Dream" by Louka {Louise Chiasson}

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Skate Art by Pistache, hand painted skateboard deck graphics. We can paint your designs and logos onto blank skateboards for your collection or business.