Rocks and Minerals Chart (See more on "Geology 101" board.)

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Amazing Minerals

The Most Beautiful Rocks In Existence

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Красивые Минералы (Фото)

Azurite No crystal embodies the pure Blue Ray quite like Azurite. The rich vibrancy of its dark-blue energy resonates to the exact frequency of the Third-Eye Chakra


The geology nerd in me just went nuts! how did i never hear of this? i need this for my mineral collection!🌺 "Cactus quartz (Spirit Quartz) is a new mineral that was discovered in South Africa in February

Quartz with Dumortierite Inclusions, fibrous sky blue radial starbursts! #pixiecrystals we love fibrous minerals, especially blue ones!

Quartz crystals with blue needles of Dumortierite inside. The locality, is western Bahia, near Vaca Morta Quarry, a remote and hard to reach area near the border with Tocantins state. - Photo: Jeff ScovilQuartz with Dumortierite inclusions

Some of the most beautiful minerals and stones...pinned by ♥, thoughtful jewelry.

Some of the most beautiful minerals and stones

I need bismuth. And several geodes, lots of druzzy and a bunch of other miraculous stuff! ~ Some of the most beautiful minerals and stones.I have a small specimen of bismuth.

Also for future reference.!!! Bebe'!!! Great resource for rocks and minerals!!!

Gems -- good info to have when making jewelry? Probably not, but might be nice to know what crystal looks similar to what gem!

Learn all about rocks and minerals with a fun scavenger hunt!

Learn about rocks and minerals by using this fun scavenger hunt activity. Hide the scavenger hunt fact cards around your classroom and have your students find them, filling out their fact sheet along the way. The perfect activity for a geology lesson!

Identifying Rocks and Minerals

Identifying Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and minerals Scratch Test | 2 Simple Investigations to test rock hardness. Great for multiple ages this summer!

Rocks and Minerals: Scratch Test

Rocks and minerals Scratch Test, 2 Simple Investigations to test rock hardness. Using rocks found around your home or on a nature walk, allow children to take this problem-solving hands-on approach to classifying rocks.

Azurite -what a stunning piece I could sleep inside it and it will talk to my dreams..

Saphira Minerals - Azurite - Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto Region, Tsumeb, Namibia Size: x x cm

Dioptase: is a powerful heart chakra healer, and has the ability to elicit a sense of fulfillment  |  #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes

Bright Dioptase crystals that appear to be stalactitic in form but are actually overgrown on needle-like crystals of an unidentified brown mineral. The specimen is columnar in form with bright sparkly crystals on all sides