"Sunset Moonrise" © Erik Abel

"Sunset Moonrise" © Erik Abel 2015 Acrylic, marker, colored pencil on wood. Frame: Reclaimed W

" But , Betty is mine ! How could she kiss a ...  man ? OMG , that's Lorna wearing men's clothes and a wig. She even has a pair of socks in her shorts ! Oh the indignity !"

22 Illustrations That Perfectly Capture Post-Breakup Angst

I am a huge fan of vintage comic book-style pop art. When writing, I'm not keen…

Vasya Kolotusha, inspirational artist from Ukraine, now on UUSTUUS/NEWKEWL http://www.uustuus.ee http://echohol.tumblr.com

Vasya Kolotusha illustration & led lights

Cruising Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.  Retro Art Poster by Lantern Press at AllPosters.com

Las Vegas Old Strip Scene