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That's my motto. That is also mostly why I am broke. School is the rest.

Best Days to Shop for Everything!

When clothes shopping becomes too high a priority to a person and their life begins to revolve around it, it has become unhealthy. Shopping for clothes is something that a person can grow to be dependent on for its escapism qualities.

shopping beats therapy

Instagram Post by AJ's (@ajscasuals)

Shopping is cheaper than therapy.

Do you agree? The happiness you feel after shopping does not equate to the happiness of being comfortable and free.

Retail therapy | Initial Outfitters

Retail therapy | Initial Outfitters

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RETAIL THERAPY (Hello Fashion)

similar to my military jacket. I like it worn with a gray sweatshirt, leather leggings, camel booties OMG THE JACKET

I wish retail therapy was covered by my health insurance #CRGirlTalk #RetailTherapy

Tips on Comparing Healthcare Plans

25 Signs You Should Be A Fashion Blogger

25 Signs You Should Be A Fashion Blogger

Not exactly true. There are things that haunt me more. But there are things I didn't buy that do haunt me. Usually things I didn't buy at a yard sale.