I'm Ryder, 16 years. Got kicked out of school because I got in to many fights. Love to sing and get high. I don't talk to much people since they're scared of me. I'm single and bi. I listen to punk and other rock genres of music. Say hi if you want to. I swear I'll try and be nice to you. Also i got ADHD and Anxiety.

Choosing a Shade of Red Hair Color

Hi I'm Jaclyn. I lost almost all my memory so I have no idea why I'm here or who everyone one is...I'm told that I have anxiety....anyways I'm 14 and single. Very shy. Say hi if you want..

it's red . it's an emo color . it also reminds me of Ashley prudy's hair at some point!

Short red scene hair/ style/ black beanie. Might get my hair this color maybe with black in it.

My dad is The Flash, o-or Bary Allen. M-My mom is Iris West. I'm a huge geek.

nice Scene wig. Black /Wine red scene hairstyle wig. Emo by kekeshop... by

Scene wig. Black /Wine red scene hairstyle wig. Emo by kekeshop

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I love this color and would love to dye my hair like this someday

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