The Best of the Philippines

Kanlaob River - Cebu, Philippines I will go canyoneering here; jump from the cliff and let the water sweep me from underneath.

Beaches in Cebu #SDRApartments #Cebu #Beaches

Cebu is known around the world for its beautiful beaches. Get to know some under the radar beaches on the island that will surely make your vacation.

Philippines: 11 Best Places to Visit for First-Timers | Detourista

Where to go in the Philippines? See the island nation's best beaches, heritage sites, highlands, cities and things to do for first-time travelers.

Reasons To Visit Cebu Island

One of the most developed islands in the Philippines, Cebu is truly a sight to see both in city and in seas.

Philippine Street Food #infographic #Food #Travel #Philippine

Philippine Street Food #infographic

Philippine Street Foods were often a go-to meal while bar hopping or chillin' in an open bar in Olongapo City.