My little girl has so many small pieces to her toys that get spread out everywhere. These peek-a-boo bags have been great at keeping us organized.

Storage Solution for Small Toys

Toy Storage Solution {Peek-a-Boo Storage Bags Tutorial} This is the best way to store all those small toys and legos and the kids can still see what is inside. Gift option for those with kids?

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Cute Baby Hippo peek-a-boo stamp kids gift - Small hand carved simple rubber stamp - funny animal hippopotamus stamp stocking stuffer

Suspicious panda bear peek-a-boo stamp by WoodlandTale on Etsy

Suspicious peek-a-boo panda stamp kids gift - hand carved simple rubber stamp - funny animal stamp stocking stuffer

Peek-a-boo Tissue Ghosts for Halloween                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to make simple tissue ghosts as a Halloween craft for kids. A Peek-a-boo tissue ghost is fun! You can use lollipops or plastics spoons for this easy ghost craft for kids.