Community Post: 5 Reasons Pandas Wouldn't Make Good Best Friends

5 Reasons Pandas Wouldn't Make Good Best Friends

"Reflections of black & white ~ sure makes a pretty picture alright!" - not really a panda in water, it's just an effect, like Photoshop

This beautiful, full color, 24 x 36 inch poster captures a Mother Panda Bear embracing her adorable Cub surrounded by their natural habitat & favorite meal: bamboo! Suitable for framing, this glossy a                                                                                                                                                     More

A Panda Bear & Its Baby - Wildlife Poster, 24x36

Panda mother with her youngster 🐼. ("Each poster features a unique design or picture - A wide variety of themes to choose from - Scientific posters, animal posters, and even technological posters - Extremely detailed with information a.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

'Don't worry Sis, I have got you' - Young Panda Bears frolicking around

Panda bear! hubble ♥ animals ' *@~ off, keeping taking photos of me!! '  :)

Panda bears: cute pictures and fascinating facts - Telegraph on We Heart It

On the down slide.....

Sliding Panda Bear I wish those could actually be pets! I want one sooo bad!

Panda Bears crawling on a tree, so many! And so dirty that their cream coat is brown :)

officialbreeolson: “a-night-in-wonderland: “panda tree ” My heart is beating so fast. I love pandas. Kitties Owls Pandas Turtles I just love all animals k ” Pandamonium.