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German Designers Transform Homes Into Elaborate Cat Playgrounds - Jenny Xie - The Atlantic Cities

A Lovely Chocolate Bar that’s Packaged with Origami /  Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

A Lovely Chocolate Bar that’s Packaged with Origami

A Lovely Chocolate Bar that’s Packaged with Origami / Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos (chocolate easy bars)

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wicked_designs : I will make custom book charm jewelry gift for $5 on www

Cool CD package design with folding paper. Originality Purity by Roger Chi-Huan Chuang

Beautiful paper sculptures... see them moving in the videos in despiertaymira.com

Matthew Shlian - paper sculpture {{this guy can do amazing stuff with paper, just phenomenal, I love it (gab) }}

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Origami brown paper bags

Minji Jung, "White Geometry", geometric modern ceramic jewelry, "The motivation of my work is to begin from making small things for life. From the origami come the inspiration for this necklace and earrings, made of porcelain and silver in collaboration with Marta Ortí_ jewelry designer. Year: 2013 Material: Porcelain & silver. $295

Porcelain Necklace with bold origami design - geometric jewellery; modern ceramic jewelry // Minji Jung ----- applications with oragami, paper covered in something jewelry design

This advanced variation of the Tato format is a very special origami-inspired…

The Tato Advanced’s angled folds work together to swirl into the center for a beautiful presentation. Order a dieline, sample, comp & print at Foldfactory.

Ich liebe klare Linien und geometrische Formen. Richtig eingesetzt können sie einem Raum Ordnung, Ausgeglichenheit und Ruhe verleihen, weil die selbst einer Ordnung folgen. Auf der Suche nach schönen Designobjekten bin ich auf Inspirationen gestoßen, die man ganz einfach selbst … mehr

Geometrische Vase & Windlicht im Origami-Design