Old hands. Extremely wrinkled. Discoloration of skin in darker shades like they have been worked for a long time. Could also be dirt. Dirt in the nail beds.

Extremely wrinkled hands belonging to someone who is either extremely old or has not aged well

The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.


I love this. I love how you can see the age in his hands and tell his lived a long full life. Also I love how after so many years he still wears the ring he got on a day that probably meant the world to him that he got

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Karen Walker worked with Ari Seth Cohen and the ladies of Advanced Style for her latest "Magic Hands" jewellery campaign.

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young and old!...Love the elderly population. They are as honest as a toddler and tell you like it really is.

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What an amazing way to remember grandparents.I love hands and feet. I take pictures of my grandparents hands all the time. Their face may look different than you remember, but their hands take me back to childhood with one glance.

Those hands, won't let go, they may hold forever, and they may hold those hands to their heart, with the bible in those hands! For they know who god is and don't want to loose him. But they never will because Jesus Loves, YOU! And will never leave you behind.   -Chloe W.

Enduring Comfort, 89 year old hands holding a bible. Looks like my grandmas hands.