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This post has been redone and updated on my new blog at:!/2012/11/diy-grinch-pills-aka-green-tic-tacs....
Free Printable Grinch Treat Bag Topper with Tutorial
Grinch Pills. Cute and Funny Stocking Stuffer DIY

DIY Grinch Pills (aka: green tic tacs)

Crafty Girl 21!: Grinch Pills revisted
Scrapcation Getaway: Grinch Pills --Free Scut File
Grinch pills                                                                                                                                                                                 More

DIY Grinch Pills (aka: green tic tacs)

Tic Tac GRINCH PILLS - Printable tic tac labels that you attach to a pack of tic tacs! PERFECT for a gag gift or your significant other ;) They
Snowman Poop Christmas Gift Idea. (or idea for Mia Maid "first dance" gift,would have to change the "snowman poop")
Free Christmas Grinch Digital Image Sheet. Remember: 1 inch circles are not just for jewelry - Christmas crafts too!
Grinch Pills --Free Tic Tac template! This is adorable! Go to site to see finished DIY.