Father`s day is 2morrow...well actually 8minutes...I hate my dad. I guess you could say I have `daddy issues` (no that does not mean I will end up a slut and fall for older men, guys like my dad or party and sleep around) it means I will live a life knowing my dad wishes he could kill me and undo my life, and I hate myself because of (mostly) my `daddy`

Crimson and clover sugar and salt mentally fucked and its all your fault

Bref... Je me suis déjà fait mal en posant mon coude sur une miette de pain.


True story: My dad once broke one of his front teeth while eating a piece of bread.

Hate is heavy..

Hate is heavy..

Well, well, well. IT seems like My fathers a swordsman, my mother is a psychopath and my brother is a wizard. While I'm a demon.

Anime Birthday Month Game (I'm A Saiyan)

Affiche déco pour un super papa  Disponible sur www.boum-badaboum.fr

Affiche déco pour un super papa! I have a great dad sign in French! And yes, my dad is awesome!

Afficher l'image d'origine

Pusheen the cat - I my dad too. And Pusheen's even has a mustache, just like mine!--- my sir father dad does not have a moustache

Aki estão alguns motivos para nao deixar seus filhos sozinhos em casa com o pai

33 Dads Prove Dad Parenting Is Not That Bad.

& Here are 33 hilarious Dad parenting pictures compiled by loldamn, those Dads just show off their & of taking care of babies when Mom is not home&

Un papa à l'humour noir

Papa à l'Humour Noir

Daaad, I'm in my bathroom and saw a spider behind the window. Can you kill it please? Dad, hurry up, please, I think I'm going to start crying. Signed: the spider

L'Amour paternel de Snezhana Soosh (5)

L'Amour paternel de Snezhana Soosh

Snezhana Soosh is an Russian artist and currently live in Ukraine. Artist Snezhana Soosh captures that nostalgic feeling in her illustrations

That's my Dad - My favorite time is time with you

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