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You were at my passenger door talking to me, hanging your fine ass on the door and you smiled. Damn that smile of yours. I am a super dooper lucky girl!!!

34 Priceless Quotes 💭 about First Love 💘 for an Instant Feel Good Fix 😊 ...

Lol despite the profanity this made me laugh - who hasn't been there.and it was grand 34 Quotes about First Love Everyone Has to Read .

Well this poem from Love As The Stars Went Out has amassed a fair few notes…I see it appear every so often on my dashboard and I’m always really proud of the notes. My next poetry book Highway Heart is coming out on 1st May and if you would like to pre-order it you can do so on my website here :)


in some other life we are standing side by side laughing that in some other life, we are apart dj

I am going to wait for this. up until this, I was always that person whose biggest complaint about me was. ugh i hate her she is just so nice. well the nice girl turned into a bitch! how else was I going to survive it. It was time to toughen up and say fuck em'. People have been trying to kill me accidentally or on purpose pretty much since I was born. After 36 years.. yup.. it was time!

This is love, when nothing in the world matters other than being with you. The feeling of holding you in my arms, looking in your eyes, there is nothing better on earth. I love everything about you.

I know it has lead me to my boo I luvs her with all my heart I can't wait to be with you  I'm watching a good movie called I'm in luvs with a church girl cause this is my boo and me anyway I do anything for her even if I do something I'm not suppose to do like smoking and drinking I can't promise I'll just totally quit but I'll try and with your help I can face my demons and get rid of them I need my boo she help me spiritually help me be a better person even though I fall she help thru it…

I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heart breaks, my regrets, everything. And when we're together, my past seems worth it because if I had done one thing differently I might never have met you. Love my husband!

a woman has gotta have spunk to survive. My boo as this and maybe even more cuse I'm full of some forest gumption  no I don't take shit from no man on earth only gods tell me what to do and I take that back my family and friends and of coarse I can't forget the luvs of my life Ashlyn Nicole Howard that one tough cookie right thierrre! She as all the gumption and she the boss and you always do what the boss says but when she leave I'll talk again I'm the 2 king of this castle yea my baby…

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Subway Romance Stories - Missed Connections NYC - how me and my boo met in NYC.

Funny girafe timbre peek-a-boo autour du timbre par WoodlandTale

Funny Giraffe peek-a-boo stamp kids gift - Around the corner giraffe stamp - Cute and funny stamp for diy, stationery, stocking stuffer

einfache Tiere / Curious peek-a-boo snail stamp kids gift stocking by WoodlandTale

Usher, Alicia Keys - My Boo - YouTube

Usher, Alicia Keys - My Boo, This is the way I think of my boo & he's old & Im

Cest un adorable ensemble de signes de créature des bois de mon « pointe une boo nursery collection » ces signes sont tous à la main dessiné

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