Metropolitan Museum of Art - Petrie Court

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. If we fly to NY to see my older brother this year and spend some time in the city, I would like to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Singapore Art Science Museum This short video presents the main steps for opening an educational learning center in Singapore. Take a look!

Singapore ArtScience Museum by Joseph Goh Meng Huat - Buildings & Architecture Other Exteriors ( ilight, exterior, architectural, singapore artscience museum, joseph goh meng huat )

Conseils et bonnes adresses pour visiter Amsterdam

Un grand week-end à Amsterdam : nos conseils et coups de coeur

Shutterstock Last month I finally visited Amsterdam for the first time. I’d avoided the city for years, thinking it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype. Boy was I wrong! The city is as beautiful an

FRANCE...... Paris Louvre Museum. I'm coming back soon! #FredericClad

Louvre Museum Established: August 1790 Location: Paris, France Comprises of works during the Third Republic Persists of over objects 2 Works: "Venus de Milo" 100 B. by Anne Chauvet

Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao. Vizcaya. País Vasco. Spain. To learn more about #Bilbao | #Rioja, click here:

The construction of this museum marked a huge turning point for architecture in Spain. This was built over a pier at the Port of Bilbao and aloowed the city to enter attracted international attention.

Que faire à Madrid? Notre guide ultime de la ville vous propose les 20 lieux à visiter, des itinéraires, où dormir et une carte touristique de Madrid.

Que faire à Madrid? TOP 20 incontournables à visiter

The Natural History Museum of Paris, France. There is a menagerie, a Noah's Ark, that runs through the museum , life size, no less.

The Natural History Museum of Paris

Looks like a museum I might actually want to go see. One of the coolest museums in the world, the Natural History Museum in Paris, Grand Gallery of Evolution.