I need structure and "rules"....looking forward to this experiment.  The Fast  Metabolism Diet: The Fast Metabolism Diet Do's

The Fast Metabolism Diet Do's

It's official....I am finally breaking through the plateau that has plagued me for months. I was pretty sure it was happening last week, but I was afraid it was some kind of fluke. I can finally confi

Healing My Metabolism (The Country Diva)

How to make the Fast Metabolism Diet's Egg whte muffins for phase 2 better and spicier

The Urban Domestic Diva: FMD progress: My Pumped Up Version of the Fast Metabolism Diet's Loaded "Egg White Muffins", Phase 2

Southern wife and mom....changing my life one pound at a time. See my 70+ weight loss journey! Clean eating recipes!

A Daily Dose of Del Signore: Fast Metabolism Diet Master Lists Phase 3 - healthy fats

Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 2-Easy Turkey Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Look at this! Doesn& it look delicious? Believe me, it is and soooo easy! This was my husbands favorite snack for the Fast Metabolis.

The Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 1 - Approved Fruits

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Feeling like you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss journey? Try these metabolism boosting tricks to help get you closer to your pound-shedding goals.

The Fast Metabolism Diet 911 #thefastmetabolismdiet #thefastmetabolismdiettips #thefastmetabolismdiethelp #fmd

The Fast Metabolism Diet 911

This is the Fast Metabolism Diet 911 and from its title itself, it is for emergencies only, not a way to cheat ourselves from the fmd program.