Manga Girl Tutorial  não comece sem uma base se vc for iniciante...  deixa vc frustrado quando não consegue e quem desenhou aí sabe muuuuito....

Manga Girl Tutorial, by *markcrilley on deviantART. This is really neat - I can't wait to start drawing!

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This is Mable, she loves playing guitar and wishes to be in a band one day.

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Tina Lee Yandere for Ruban Extremely Intelligent First introduced as a foreign exchange student who accidentally sat with Ruban at lunch, not realizing it was the outcasts table

Anime girl, , brown hair, , purple eyes, , long hair, , flowers, , school uniform, , kawaii

Adeline~ Gardener~ Unbeliever~ Age: 23 Hair: Brown Height: Personality: Very bright and cheerful, but can be dull when things become TO cheerful.