Maddie Ziegler 2016 headshot #maddie #ziegelr #photoshoot

I'm maddie but you can call me madds or mad dog. I dance a ALDC! My best friends are Brynn and kendall! If you hurt either of them I'll kill you!

Look of the Day - Maddie Ziegler from

Look of the Day

Maddie Ziegler wore a charming LBD with sheer sleeves and metallic floral detailing. She finished the look with an assortment of gold rings and studded platform sandals.

Dont know why but I love this pic

Maddie always is a great inspiration to my outfit choises because they all looks amazing! Mostly the shirt she is wearing now - Keira ML

(Fc::maddie zinger) hi I'm Ashley I'm 14 and you could call me a "genus" I guess. I'm in 11 grade and I LOVE math. My parents own a major protection agency. I like watching YouTube and I have a YouTube channel. Introduce?

This is a missing person report she disappeared after she left for dance class we are going to ask for people to talk to to find suspects please cooperate thank you - the police

more photos from Maddie Ziegler's Sharkcookie photoshoot...ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

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more photos from Maddie Ziegler's Sharkcookie photoshoot.ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Maddie Ziegler is my favorite dancer on dance moms she is the best dancer I ever seen in my life💖