Mary Louise Brooks, also known by her childhood nickname of Brooksie, was one of the most fascinating and alluring personalities ever to grace the silver screen...

This is not Mary Louise Brooks, but I like the picture. This is Michelle Pfeiffer.

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1928 — Louise Brooks lounging on a large leather armchair. — Photo by Eugene Robert Richee

Louise Brooks (1906-1985) American dancer and actress in silent movies and talkies of the 1920s & 30s, an icon of the flapper era, who popularized ‘the bob’ haircut

Louise Brooks (November 1906 – August American dancer and film actress noted as a iconic symbol of the flapper, and for popularizing the bobbed haircut.

Louise Brooks: the girl with the first "it" hairstyle

The Trend Setter The daughter of a Kansas lawyer, Louise Brooks was a dancer, model, showgirl, and actress -- but her hair received much of the attention she earned in the Twenties. (She is credited with popularizing the bob.

Antoine, a Cut Above the Rest | I Want to be a Pin Up

Antoine, a Cut Above the Rest

1928 — Louise Brooks – wearing a long pearl necklace. — Photo by Eugene Robert Richee © Sunset Boulevard/Corbis